Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Wedding Accessories

But its warm and fuzzy in the bridal salon as you prepare for your final fitting.

So you're having an amazing
Winter Wedding. You've thought of everything. The veil, the rings, the jewelry, the bag, the shoes. You're all set, right?

Well not yet. While its warm and cozy inside, it's FREEZING outside! And on your wedding day you will inevitably have to go outside in your gown at some point. When that happens what will keep you warm? (and no, the love of your fiance will not cut it!)
Make sure you plan on some sort of a jacket or wrap. Fur (faux or real) is my personal favorite. But the style and materials are really up to you. Take a look at the style of your gown, your body type and how much time you plan on being outside (are you taking photos all over the city or just going from the limo to the venue?)

Whatever you choose realize that it will be in your photos forever so you want to love it. And while white is the most common, color is also very cool! Whatever you choose Just make it your own.

AND...don't forget to give the same advice to your mom's, grandmothers and bridal party.

I cant tell you how many bridesmaids I've seen shivering on the streets of NYC waiting to quickly rip off their every day coat to snap a few shots.
Make sure everyone is prepared and you will insure that everyone has an amazing day!

Cheers on your upcoming wedding!

Photos: Sharon SchusterA Stylish DesignNatural Expressions, Davids Bridal