Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Wedding Lounge

Looking back on our events, this one at Studio 450 was most definitely one of our coziest!

Studio 450 is another one of our FAVORITE loft venues.  (And you might not know - I have a soft spot for this NYC loft because I was married there a little over 12 years ago)
SO many things I love about this loft space like its size, the room layouts and the fact that it has two floors and a really nice size deck.  But most of all I love its shinny whiteness (yes I think I made that word up but it perfectly describes the space)
Studio 450 is on West 31st St at 9th avenue which I would best describe as a fairly non-descrpt (and kind of always gray) area of the West Side.  There's usually scaffolding of some sort on one of the buildings in the vicinity.  I know I'm not 'selling' why this 'great' venue is so great very well but honest, I'm getting to my point, which is this. 

There's something wonderfully magical about going to this dingy gray part of New York City, riding up a huge metal freight sized elevator to the top floor, not knowing what in the world to expect from a party in a place like this.  Having the elevator doors open and arriving into a truly lovely, bright, spacious, glossy white venue with sunny (or sunset) views of New York City in all four directions.

What I absolutely love about this space is that its a large open white pallet.  Its urban chic.  It's a space where you can truly create ANY type of environment. 

I've been lucky to work in this venue dozens of times and have had the opportunity to do a lot of very creative themes.  But since I first stepped into this venue, I have ALWAYS wanted to do a cozy 'ski lodge' event!  I have done lots of other 'winter' environments but I finally got the chance to do my cozy ski lodge here at 450!


Looking forward to a cozy New Year!!!
Cheers to your next event
xoxo Maya