Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OK! So I've been completely MIA when it comes to writing our blog!

OK! So I've been completely MIA when it comes to writing our blog! I know, I know! What's the point in coming to read a blog about event planning & design if its not going to be something new to read! Well you know what you're absolutely right! Things have been so busy the last couple of months that i kept telling myself, i need to do it, i need to do it, but by the end of the day was way too exhausted to share with you all the awesome stuff we were doing! So frustrating!
so long story short...I'm going to try and do a bunch of back to back recap blogs to catch you up to date. and then...well the possibilities are endless!
So how far back should we go. Well you know what its starting to get chilly here in New York City so lets reminisce a bit about a beautiful day when the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees!

We have a wonderful client that does an end of summer event for their employees and their families every year. This year we knew we had to be economical (the budget had been slashed by two thirds from last year - ouch!!) But we knew it had to be chic no matter what! So we decided to do a new take on the typical company picnic and create an
"Old Time (Country Chic) Americana Picnic"
(thank you to Martha Stewart for showing evevryone that country can be chic!)

To set the tone... a perfect venue with outdoor and indoor space
(with the weather we've had this year!...hello rain plan!)

Guests were greeted at the tent with small individual picnic baskets.

Each picnic basket filled with a checkered blanket and tons of fun toys for everyone

we decorated the interior of the tent to have a warm and fun
old time Americana country fair feel.

Complete with a beautiful yummy pie station

An empty grass area was turned into comfy cool seating areas for guests to eat and chill out
Inexpensive Decor Details like wrapping silverware in bandannas

- make a "standard company picnic" into a CHIC gathering of family and friends.

Even a standard BBQ menu can be chic and inviting!

And don't forget how awesome it is to have PONY RIDES - everyone loves a pony!

Here's to making your next picnic-bbq a chic and fun day for everyone!

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