Friday, May 28, 2010

This ones a bit X-RATED :)

This ones a bit X-RATED :)

So last friday my very successful & clever friend/colleague Zoe Alexander sent out this letter to all us DIVAS (if you're a fab business woman & don't know about it you should check out Divas Who Dine ( -but that's another post) Anyway, Zoe sent this out & I loved it! Not only because I do think its excellent advice but also because we... (busy women, newly engaged women, married women...ALL women!) sometimes make things more complicated then they have to be - and that goes for dealing with the men in our lives. I get asked for advice all the time by friends, colleagues and clients - especially when it comes to relationship issues- and this is exactly what I think but never thought to write down!) Well that's why Zoe is a well paid and published journalist!

So here's her letter.....I think it should become a popular mantra & hashtag like #FF - maybe we do #FYMF (F Your Man Friday):)
Like the title says - its a bit X-rated so you have been warned. But for any of you that know me....well you know me!
Anyway Enjoy!
xoxo ~Maya

It's almost Friday night here in LA and hopefully you're not still working, especially if you are on the east coast. I wanted to address something because it has been coming up a lot in private DIVA's the issue of being so fabulous at work that when you get home you don't the time or energy to be fabulous to your husband or boyfriend. A couple of DIVAS even admit that they are so drained when they come home from work that they just want to be alone and not spend time with their men. Or they are so grouchy that they snap at their guys for small offenses. Is this you? Well, i remember something that Whoopi Goldberg told me years ago when I interviewed her. Valentine's Day was coming up and I asked her what she thought was the one thing a busy, working woman can do to ensure her man stays happy in the relationship. She said without missing a beat. "F-ck him!' She added: "Whenever one of my friends comes to me and says she's having problems in her relationship, I say,'Well are you f-cking him?' And 9 times out of 10, the answer is that they haven't been having sex regularly. Men are very simple. Just f-ck them and compliment them frequently."DIVA Lisa Lori of Lisa Lori Communications actually dispensed similar advice to me after I had Miles. I was telling her that I was so tired from late-night feedings that that the thought of having sex with my husband was not appealing. Lisa is pretty laid back so I'll never forget the seriousness of her tone when she told me the following:"Listen to me. You take one for the team. You have sex with him even if you don't feel like it right now. He needs to feel loved too and so often when we have babies and work, we focus so much on that and ignore him. That will slowly eat away at your marriage if you leave it too long. That's where some girl who comes along and showers a man with attention can get in. "So ladies, on that note, it's Friday night. Turn off your computer, I-phone and/or Blackberry and go f-ck your men! If it's been awhile and you're a little rusty in the sexy department... here's a song to inspire.
Have a wonderful weekend!
All The Best,
Zoe Alexander

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