Friday, February 4, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Invitations

Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter themed events have become more and more popular and here at SWANK we LOVE them!  SO many different ways to be creative and it's a design theme that really works for ANY age group.

Right now we're working on an AMAZING Bat Mitzvah with an Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter theme.  And when it comes to invitations I strongly believe that the invitation "Sets the Tone" of what guests can expect to come at the party itself. So for this client we wanted to pull out all the stops! 

The invitations we created in house have been causing a HUGE stir with not only the teenagers but also the adults who have all been finding this masterpiece in their mailboxes. 

They came out so cute we wanted to share them with you! (but changed the info to keep their privacy)

Guests received a large white box with customized label that went over the entire top of the box and led them down to the open side.

When they open the box and opened the beautiful deep purple tissue paper they found the mad hatters hat invitation!
On the tag is the invite information

And on the bottom of the box guests found their (double sided) RSVP card and envelope!

We've been getting a lot of "OMG's" and "these are amazing!" messages from the clients and their guests.  And the Bat Mitzvah girl is now being inundated with people who want to be invited just to see what else we've come up with! (which of course we LOVE to hear!)

Whats most important about the invite (in addition to all the important information being on it!) is that it creates excitement in the guest.  After all you want them to come to your event right?
So next time you're doing an invite think out of the box - or in this case, think about what cool stuff you can do in the box!

Tell me about the best invitation you've ever received I'd love to hear about it!


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