Monday, June 15, 2009

Penthouse Birthday Bash

One of the things I love about this business is you never know who’s going to call and when they’ll need our help.
Last week with only 4 days notice, Swank Productions was called in to fashion and produce and elaborate and intimate dinner party for 34 guests in a newly built, posh duplex on Warren St. The client had just recently closed (that day!) on this unbelievable apartment, which overlooks Tribeca and the Hudson River, and with the shiny new keys, my team was the first to actually enter the space, even before the clients themselves! The party was held in honor of their oldest son’s 17th birthday, and was designed around his colorful and playful personality. The design for the event was spectacular and every detail was intended to accentuate the beauty of the new space but also the birthday boy’s style.
The duplex included floor to ceiling windows that led to an enormous wrap-around balcony. High-top tables, white, wicker lounge ottomans, towering palm trees and small cocktail tables were scattered to provide a chic environment for the cocktail hour as guests overlooked the 3 amazing view exposures.

But as I’m sure you know of the event planning world, there’s never a dull moment! The weather was absolutely unforgiving! It poured all day relentlessly. So while guests could go outside for a smoke (did I mention the patio is covered by 30+ foot ceiling!)… Guests couldn’t really go out there and enjoy themselves on the deck as we had originally envisioned. Always thinking on our feet, another lounge area was created in a second room off the balcony only an hour before the party actually began. The white walls were up lit with blue lighting and therefore giving the room a sort of opulent, Versace feel. Luscious palm trees and contemporary lamps were placed all around the fabulous space (remember there weren’t even lights installed in the apartment yet!). The windowsills were covered with clear votives and the white cocktail tables in the center of the sectionals held striking blue ones. The candles gave the lounge a luminescent glow that the guests really seemed to enjoy and resulted in an immediate party atmosphere.
The main dining room, that overlooks most of the spacious balcony, was the most spectacular. The walls were also up lit with blue lighting and the windowsills that flanked the room on three sides called for hundreds of colorful votives which made a truly magical impression, especially when the sun went down! We set one long rectangular table that stretched out the length of the entire room. The design was inspired from the early 90’s new wave era, with electric colors and of course, the “oh so classic” black and white stripe! We used modern, neon pantone chairs to complement the alternating colorful chargers that were strategically placed on alternating black and white linens. The napkins also carried this 90’s theme with a very sleek, bold black and white stripe. All along the center of the table were purple votives that gave the table a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, but still playful and fit for a 17 year old guy. To give height and further dimension to the table, eight, perfectly round, four foot in diameter, white helium balloons were tied down the center of the table. The glassware also added flare to the table by alternating black and white stemmed goblets. And did we mention that this family is Russian? So needless to say, the party room would not be complete without having eight fabulous, silver, standing ice buckets filled to the brim with chilled vodka magnums and 8 handsome servers waiting to attend to any guests needs. Although the weather outside was drab and cold, the inside of this luxurious duplex was bright and cheery. The transformation was amazing. We took an empty space and turned it into a magical venue to share a wonderful evening with close family and friends.

Take a look at these amazing before and after shots.

Next time it’ll be your Swanky space we transform!

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