Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swank brides make it into BRIDES magazine!

It’s not the first time one of our brides has ended up in a national bridal magazine but we’re especially excited about this one! Christina Fanitzi was already a client of Swank Productions when she was selected to be one of the lucky brides on TNT’s new reality TV show “Wedding Day “. (Can't tell you any details about why her story won or about the million dollar fantasy wedding we produced for her in less than a week!...not yet! But soon!)
But we couldn’t stop ourselves from loving the fact that she got to be treated like the super star she deserved to be!
After finding out that she had won and would be on TNT new show, Christina had only 5 days to transform from army captain in Iraq to beautiful blushing bride. At the fitting / photo shoot we were all blown away to hear that Christina “hadn’t worn civilian clothing in 10 months!”. But oh boy did she pull off her transformation into a swanky bride! She looked beyond beautiful and had the experience of posing for dozens of photos in an array of different designer gowns (which we ended up displaying throughout her cocktail hour for all her guests to see)
The article is titled “Fatigues to Fabulous” and shows Christina’s photo shoot & fairy tale dress fitting, with BRIDES editor Mille Martini Bratten, helping her with the transformation. It was like a scene straight out of Sex And The City: The Movie! Check it out on page 148 of the July/August issue of Brides magazine on newsstands now.

And make sure to Save the Date June 30th at 8pm to see how Swank Productions pulls off an unbelievable fantasy wedding for Wedding Day on TNT!

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